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How to Make Your Job Work for Your Life!

Negotiating Your Career

When I’m working with my consulting clients, there are some popular themes. I frequently work with people who need to continue with a day job while they are going for their dream business. I was one of those people not too long ago. The plans for Global Girl Life, beginning with the Global Girl Life Culture Boxes™ to the new Global Girl Life store, were laid while I was working a day job.

I mean, people got to pay the bills, right? Unfortunately, I could not find a mortgage company who would give me a break on my payments while I got GGL up and running. If you know of one, I’d love to hear about it!

What is somewhat surprising to me, however, is how many people want to keep their day job while they start their business. They really like what they are doing. They like the company they work for. They want to continue to contribute to their current employer AND start their own side gig. They are gifted at compromise.

But they quickly get caught up in our society’s philosophy that you’re either in or you’re out – thanks Heidi Klum Avitizeine!

We are told that we shouldn’t be a fence sitter. You can’t live with one foot in this world and the other foot in another world. You’ll go mad and hate every moment of it feeling way unsuccessful if you try it.

There are thousands of way to say it. But it is true? Not necessarily.

Believe it or not, there are ways to work from home (or your favorite coffee shop) during work hours without losing traction at your job. In other words, you can do real, substantive work without the commute or distractions of the office. I’m not talking about one project or for a few days. I’m talking about as long as you want to work for your employer. It can be done. In fact, more people are doing this every day.

“But how?” you ask.

If you’ve followed any of my business tips before, you know the answer. Planning.

There are issues to consider before you approach your boss with the idea of telecommuting. How much interaction do you need with other employees? Does your work require the use of proprietary software or files? What about your internet access? These questions and so many more should be a part of your presentation when you make the request.

It’s easy to feel trapped between the safety and fulfillment of your current career and the fun and excitement of the life you want. I get it. What makes that trap even tighter is believing that you don’t have options.

You always have options.

In my career consultation work, I help people figure out the issues in their job, help them gain clarity on what they really want and how they want to work, and prepare them for a presentation and negotiation with their employer if they want to give telecommuting a try. We talk about strategy, money, and personalities.

If you need help identifying the career you want, and how you want to work, let me know.

No matter what stage your business is in, we all have times when we feel stagnant.

I’d be happy to help you define success for yourself and then create a life

that you love!

By the way, if you love the Global Girl Shop and want to make a little money for the holidays or start a travel fund, just let me know!

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