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Meet Chelsey Tucker in a Special Intimate Chat

“You don’t need sight to have a vision.” – Chelsey Tucker

While she may not be able to see the vibrant colors of her stunning paintings, this does not stop Chelsey Tucker from sharing her beautiful artwork for the world to see.

Diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder, or NMOSD, which leaves her color blind and visually impaired, Chelsey uses emotion to feel the painting while creating. She paints as an expression of how she sees the world.

This is a notion that is resonating directly with her rapidly growing clientele. Chelsey has been drawn to the creative arts since she was a child, writing, singing, and songwriting for several years. But it wasn’t until 2018 that she joined the artistic community professionally. She began by posting photos of her paintings to her social media accounts, sharing only with family members and close friends.

Falling in love with her paintings, her friends and family encouraged her to share these gifts with the world. Thus, kick-starting her quick rise within the Nashville scene as an in-demand artist.

“Do not let your circumstances derail your success. You can discover new gifts.”

NMOSD doesn’t just affect Chelsey’s vision. During periods of relapse, those with NMOSD often lose feeling in their hands. While this may seem like a deterrent and a provocation to stop painting altogether, this is not an option for Chelsey. She needs to create.

Her subjects and methods may change depending on her symptoms, but this certainly does not prevent her from maintaining the same level of creativity and professionalism for which she is known. When holding a brush is no longer an option, she will use a technique involving her fingers directly on the canvas and a special pouring method.

“Elements of creativity are required in order to establish new norms, especially with how this disease progresses.”

Residing just outside of Nashville TN with her husband and their 5 children, Chelsey prioritizes family above all things. She derives a great deal of inspiration from her home, and they support her every step of the way. Chelsey is also a believer in giving back to her beloved community as she serves as an ambassador for the Sumaira Foundation for NMOSD as well as a patient influencer and advocate. In addition to advocating for the rare disease community, Chelsey also serves hundreds of patients and caregivers by using her knowledge and training as a Certified Master Life Coach.

Most recently, her story and art have been featured in publications like Vice and Women’s Health Magazine.

Thank you Chelsey for spending time with us! We have truly been inspired to Become Boundless!


Please take a moment to visit Chelsey's website to view her amazing artwork. Or email her directly for inquiries Make sure to follow and Connect on Facebook -


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