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Check out Shannon Rizzo's interview with Sherman Mohr on the Value Innovators Show

I recently had the pleasure to be apart of the Value Innovators Show and share the evolution of Global Girl. Check it out!




The Value Innovators is a weekly attempt at an interview featuring content across the web where value innovation is taking place. Guests are commonplace and occasionally, Sherman G. Mohr, The Blue Ocean Strategist, simply riffs on a great company.

"Shannon Rizzo is a force of nature. Her work involves equipping women across the world to achieve their dreams, become self-sufficient, take care of their children and families. What once was a cottage industry built around bringing the creations of women across the world into the jewelry boxes of American homes has now become an entire ecosystem and foundation providing empowerment, training, guidance, community, and support for women of all backgrounds.

Listen and watch this video and connect with Shannon. She is a true giver building a global community of powerful women helping other women." Sherman Mohr.

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