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My Online Mentor Anthony Bourdain

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

He had words to describe most everything I was thinking and he knew how to use them so appropriately. Like the lesson, he taught about appreciating where you are from and still traveling to see the world perhaps if only to remember where you started from.

No Reservations: “I Write. I Eat. I Travel. I’m hungry for more.” AB

My First Bourdain Trip

I remember the first time I heard the word “ubiquitous” on his show, a word I had never heard before. I remember following his foodie travel tours on the Travel Channel when I couldn’t afford to travel. I also remember the first time in 2009 when I saw an episode on Buffalo and I realized to do what he did was possible I was born in Buffalo, New York and when I went back to visit for the holidays and decided to do the Anthony Bourdain tour of Buffalo!

Anthony Bourdain the CNN and chef nailed it about Buffalo:

“Buffalo is a different culture. I look at Buffalo and Buffalonians as a different culture now. Ten years ago, I would have looked at them as those poor guys who live upstate, and I’m lucky enough to live in Manhattan. That’s the way I would have seen it 10 years ago. Now I see it as a very distinct personality, a very distinct culture with its own architecture, its own kinda feel. It’s actually a weirdly wonderful place. Even in the winter. I think it took me traveling around the world to get to that point”. – Mix 96 FM

I remember watching every episode of the Travel Channel’s No Reservations over and over again. His way with words was profound, sarcasm with real-life experience laced through it while trying things way outside of his comfort zone. He was getting to know the people in every area he visited – really getting to know them. Connecting through travel and food. That is what inspired me to start Global Girl Life.

Photo: Vietnam Travel – Anthony Bourdain.

Inspired By The Foodie

I’ve been asked to do several interviews lately and one of the questions I’m often asked is about who are my mentors.

The truth is that I am inspired, and even mentored, by everyone I meet. My attitude has always been that every person has something to teach and something to learn. I make it my mission to listen for what I can learn from everyone who crosses my path.

However, there are a few people who set me on the Global Girl trail. People I’ve read about watched on television and followed on social media who lived a life that looked like the life I want to live. Anthony Bourdain was one of those people.

It’s human nature to ask “why” when someone’s life is so unexpectedly and abruptly lost. I believe this is especially true when it’s someone whose life seems to be perfect when you are on the outside looking in. But his death reminds us that what we see when we look at other’s lives is sometimes an illusion.

Paying Attention

As usual, even in death, Anthony Bourdain created an environment for important conversations to take place. Since his death, people have been talking about depression, mental illness, and suicide more openly and honestly. This, I believe, is a good thing.

What I will take from having followed his accomplishments and dedication to bringing other cultures to my living room and his ability to comfortably talk with the people he met, is that we are all more alike than we are different. I have heard so many commentators talk about his determination to treat everyone equally.

Whether it was a person making “street food” in an underdeveloped country or a five-star chef in New York City, he treated them with equal respect and an equal willingness to learn from them.

Global Girl Life Aspirations

This is my intention for Global Girl Life. As I travel and explore, the most important part of this journey for me is to connect. I love meeting new people and connecting with them, even through social media, on a one-on-one basis. Equally, I take great pleasure in connecting people with each other. We all have needs and we all have gifts and it is my honor to connect those needs and gifts between people from all over the globe.

I realize that I am incredibly lucky to be able to do work that I love and work that I believe can make a difference in the world. When I was young, having this business, being able to travel and meeting so many wonderful people was just a dream. At the time, so many of the technological advances that we take for granted these days weren’t even formed ideas. Meshing today’s technology with my own values of respecting others and valuing their place in the world is work that I have dreamed of all my life.

Anthony Bourdain was one of the people who showed me that it is possible. I thank him for that example and for sharing his talents with us. R.I.P.

All of the content from Anthony Bourdain’s shows, art, photography is the property of the mentioned source. Thank you for the wonderful tribute you have started to remember this life that has touched so many.

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