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GOAL SETTING = Asking yourself what Outcome do I want?

Why do you set goals?

Goal setting is all about confidence. Building confidence and then doing more things that make you even more confident. When you set a goal, whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re telling yourself that you are worthy of accomplishing that goal.

Big goals, little goals, or a combination?

I set goals for every time frame possible. I have five-minute goals (my task list) and I have 5-year goals (Global Girl Jetline, ya’ll!). Because I am financially aware and a little savvy, I tend to think of goals as monthly, quarterly, yearly, and 5- and 10-year goals. My immediate goals get checked off on my “Outcome” lists (Not a To-Do List). My long-term goals are broken down into smaller tasks that I can check off to build my confidence.

The most important thing you think about when setting goals?

My priorities. Every goal gets me closer to being the best and happiest version of me. When I am happy I am a better giver and better in service to others. My well is full and I can share more of what is overflowing and I love to share.

The best part of reaching a goal?

Celebrating! In American culture, we’re pretty good about celebrating the big things like a new baby or retiring from a job. I celebrate everything. If you don’t feel like getting out of bed but you do it anyway and you get dressed to take on the world, celebrate that shit! Turn on some music and dance! Find every reason you can to celebrate with other people - your family and friends should be included. I threw a GGL launch party when I decided to start the business. I hadn’t made a dime yet but I dressed up and had a party with my closest friends and we celebrated my decision! Anytime I need a boost, I think about that day.

What about when you don’t seem to be getting anywhere?

Focus on what you’ve done right. It’s about moving forward, baby steps are okay, but you have to keep taking steps. Thinking about what’s wrong will not motivate you to take another step. Thinking about the things - no matter how big or small - you’ve accomplished will give you a reminder that you CAN make it work! TIP: Start a Praise Purse! (Enter the Praise Purse Challenge!)

What have I learned:

I have learned that I am harder on myself than anyone else will ever really be (I bet you are too). Most of the time that we think people are talking about us or judging us- they probably are not and it's really that they just don't care as much as we think they do. This lets me off the hook for caring what they think and I am wayyyy happier not trying to please people who might not care.

How have I grown:

I still fail. A lot. Everyday. Now, I look at the failures as failures and don't just block them out. I confront them head-on to try to improve and come up with better solutions. My clients depend on me and I want to deliver better than promised service and products. It is hard, I am human, but I feel better knowing why I failed rather than blaming someone else, or some other circumstance that may or may not have contributed.

How to make and use your Praise Bank/ Praise Purse

Find a beautifully decorated handbag to use. One that makes you swoon new or old.

Get pretty paper – I like handmade paper or I draw on mine to make each piece awesome. Leave space in the middle for you to write a message that is one or two lines.

Make one for each day of the month – or more!! They should be about 4“ x 2”

Put the blank paper in the purse and each day find a clean piece to write on –

Then each day of the month – write yourself a note about something you accomplished and put it in the handbag.

As a few days pass with these things you have accomplished you will be forced to pull out the accomplishments to find a clean piece of paper!

Here are the Rules:

  • You have to write something every day!

  • You have to read the ones you pull out!

  • You have to read them to yourself standing up with your chest high and shoulders back.

  • You have to smile after you read it and truly try to be happy with yourself – no matter what the accomplishment large or small.

At the end of the month – you get to buy yourself a reward – a wallet to put inside the handbag with a pocket to put your affirmations from the previous month.

You will carry this handbag with you for the second month and think of the positivity that is filling it which will make you smile each day and no one will know your secret unless you share it.

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