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The 21 Day Mini-Boss Bootcamp

Accelerate your business start-up! 

3 Week Course – Is Your Business Idea Viable? 

Create a startup business plan (guideline) with a viable service-based business idea in only 21 days with Shannon!

Shannon Rizzo Studio PROOF UNRetouched -

This 3-Week Course Includes:

  • Determine if your purpose-driven business is a viable idea

  • Identify your target customer

  • Find out what the Next Steps are for you!

  • Bonus - Assess your business acumen and the needed skills for your type of business and get resources for your new plan.



  • Create a start-up business plan guideline with Shannon!

  • Discounts on Addition Level- Up Academy Offers

  • Pay only $47 a month instead of $97 for monthly Boundless Boss Membership with high-value content delivered weekly.

  • Receive up to additional discounts on other Mini-Courses and Coaching packages.

  • As a Boundless Mini-Boss, you will receive discounts in the Global Girl Life Shop where with every purchase you help a child get an education.


This is the Prelude to Level Up Academy for Boundless Bosses.

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