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    CEO Business Strategist Consultant & Development Coach

    Shannon Rizzo

    I’ve helped so many other people carve out their own path and begin to see the options and opportunities that are open to them.

    So much in life, whether it’s business, career, family or personal development, is really about perspective. When it all seems too much, we lose our perspective and we quickly lose our ability to see the opportunities that are right before us. I can help you clear away the cobwebs, rediscover what’s really important to you, help you reawaken your imagination, creativity, and lust for life.

    Shannon serves women entrepreneurs in their first 5 years of business. Shannon is a business strategist & coach as well as the Founder and President of the brands: Global Girl Life, Global Girl Life Shop, and Global Girl Life Foundation. 


    We hope you will join Global Girl Life along with the other entrepreneurs that have decided to dedicate their time, talent, and treasure to educating, enlightening, and empowering our future leaders while removing the obstacles they face from their paths.

    Please take a moment to chip in and help us continue to expand our reach and help people all over the world. 


    It's the Global Girl Life Way!

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    Executive Virtual Administrator

    Sonia Couch

    Sonia Crouch is a born and raised Southern girl from Nashville. Most recently, she retired from the Tire Industry after 32 years as a trusted and loyal manager. For 10 years of that time, Sonia managed a Sales and Support team that supported over 160 field sales reps in the US and Canada.

    Sonia and her team enjoyed volunteering with various organizations in the Nashville community. This is a wonderful way to give back, support her Nashville community, and enjoy a team-building opportunity.

    Sonia’s life is full, and she enjoys hanging out with her husband Eddie and their golden doodle Sonny Crockett. She has traveled around the U.S. and various parts of the world cheering Eddie and his club and/or Team USA Wheelchair Rugby teams on.

    Staying in the theme of support, Sonia has let the Rubber meet the Road and has transitioned to an integral support role with Shannon Rizzo Companies, Global Girl Life, and now serves as the Treasurer of Global Girl Life Foundation.

    Why did Sonia decide to work with us?
    “I had a great career and am very grateful for what it did for me financially, the people I worked with, and how it allowed me to take many wonderful business trips around the US and Canada. Now, I am so excited to be able to work with Shannon because I truly believe in what she is doing, and I love the passion she has for it.


    I am so happy I can give back by helping with the Global Girl Life Foundation. What agreat Foundation!”

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    Cre8tive Branding Manager & Strategic Business Planner 

    Bridgette Rooks

    Turning Vision into Reality

    After more than 20 years of working in the wonderful world of retail, I finally broke out. With a dream and a vision, I wanted the chance to live my life on purpose and become my own boss. I am now CEO of my own company, Cre8tive Vibes, which provides solutions to help entrepreneurs mentally and Cre8tively prepare to launch their own business.


    Step by Step

    Even though my degree is in graphic design, I recently realized that I can help my clients in more ways than one. When clients come to me for brand assistance, I find it important to help them bring their vision to life by first getting their ideas organized. It's great to have an idea, but it works best with a plan. I help future entrepreneurs and small business owners by removing the stress and pressure to ‘figure it out,’ and provide structure and process to get organized and launch their business.

    My Advice

    My best advice to men and women as they look to become entrepreneurs is simple: just believe in yourself. Don't allow self-doubt and the fear of the unknown stop you from living your life. We all have greatness in us. Believe that you can achieve and become anything you set your mind to. It's important to find your purpose and trust the process that the journey takes you on. 


    Then Go Be Great! Everyday!