Meet Your Coaches

Meet Your Coaches

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    Business Strategist Consultant & Development Coach

    Shannon Rizzo

    I’ve helped so many other people carve out their own path and begin to see the options and opportunities that are open to them.

    So much in life, whether it’s business, career, family or personal development, is really about perspective. When it all seems too much, we lose our perspective and we quickly lose our ability to see the opportunities that are right before us. I can help you clear away the cobwebs, rediscover what’s really important to you, help you reawaken your imagination, creativity, and lust for life.

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    Cre8tive Branding Coach & Strategic Designer 

    Bridgette Rooks

    My best advice to men and women as they look to become entrepreneurs is simple: just believe in yourself. Don't allow self-doubt and the fear of the unknown stop you from living your life. We all have greatness in us. Believe that you can achieve and become anything you set your mind to. It's important to find your purpose and trust the process that the journey takes you on. 


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