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It’s time to have some fun!

You could use some fun in your life- right!

When you think about a song that describes you when you walk into a room- what song would it be right now?


Now... think about this.. what song should it be? If you thought of your favorite celebrity mentor - what would her/his song be? Now, what’s yours!?

Wow! You’ve done such a great job this year!!

It’s time to reflect, revel, reorganize, and redirect and ready

yourself for a powerful amazing year ahead!!

In this 3-hour strategy session, we

will do your end of year planning.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Andrew Neel
Image by Avel Chuklanov
  • Check-in on your goals from day one and look at what you’ve accomplished! What you’ve learned and how much you personally grew from this experience!

  • List what needs to be done to get ready for taxes, getting lose ends complete, billing contractors 1099, etc

  • Your processes audit: what tools are you using, how well do they work?

  • Desk audit- clear the whole desk! It’s a new year!

  • Review missed and how to improve

  • Review projects and access what help is needed on each project.

  • Talk about the wins!

  • What have you learned and allowed?

  • How you are different - I have my list about you - so you have your list?

  • This conversation is super important to your success.

  • So many times we do not count our wins.

  • Plan your 2021 organizational strategies

  • Apply new tools and energy to the newest technology and mobile version of you!

  • Choose your planner options

  • Do you need a virtual assistant assessment?

  • Start your business plan model with a deadline to complete.

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Redirect & Get Ready!

It’s time to get those 2022 goals into your roadmap and commit to a successful year!


We will do exercises to free your mind of last years vibe and create your new mantra

You will leave feeling rejuvenated, and ready for the holiday and new year!

We will Have some fun!

This session is a LIVE in-person working session and also available via Zoom


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