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Are you a SURVIVOR or a THRIVER?

When do people need career consulting?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this. People discover they want to change their work in many different ways. Sometimes they want to start a side hustle or business. Sometimes they discover they just aren’t happy doing what they’ve done for years. Other times, their company changes or closes and they are looking for their next opportunity.

Do most people know what they want?

Absolutely Not. Most of my clients have one thing in common: they want something different. What that looks like will vary from person to person as it should. We are all so different and we should enjoy that about ourselves.

Why is it important to have a consultant or mentor?

It’s hard to be objective about your own life and it’s easy to live where you’re comfortable. Change isn’t easy, even if it’s good for you.

We like predictability. A routine. We like stability. We think changing our jobs or taking on a new career challenge will mean we lose control. I think that’s an illusion – we don’t usually have control, to begin with!

What is the difference between a survivor and a thriver?

A survivor is someone who is doing what they have to do to pay the bills. Sometimes they start a job with a passion for it. Then they learn that the boss, the company, or the industry just isn’t what they thought it would be. But they’ve spent thousands on education or their family depends on their salary or they are due for a promotion and they decide to keep on keeping on. They are surviving.

A thriver is someone who has decided to make a plan and begin making changes. That doesn’t mean they’ve quit their job or closed their doors. It just means they’ve recognized that they could be a lot happier doing something else. They’ve figured out what their first step is and they’ve committed to valuing their happiness. They may not have – in fact, they probably haven’t – reached their ultimate goal but they are excited about the process and the progress they are making.

How can you help someone go from survivor to thriver?

I have several tools, the first of which is just listening. I listen to what you like and what you don’t. We get to the root of why you are unfulfilled in your job or business. I’ll help you figure out what your options are.

I have a checklist I offer clients to begin working through this process.

Click below to get the checklist.

Why is this important?

Most of us spend as much or more time working that we do with our families and friends. If you’re going to spend that much time working, you should at least enjoy it. I know firsthand the difference between doing a job I could have done for a long time and doing work that feeds my soul. I want everyone to have that experience!

What I’ve learned

I believe everyone should at least explore doing what makes them happy. Maybe they can only do it part-time at first. Maybe they have to get more education. There are so many ways I can help people grow at their speed. Change doesn’t have to be immediate. But the truth is that our lives are changing every day – whether it’s on our terms or not.

How I’ve grown

I’m passionate about helping people through a career change or business growth because I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve owned and sold businesses before. I’ve worked for all kinds of businesses and done all kinds of jobs. I know for sure that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now because I’m creating the business I’ve always wanted. Although the means in which I operate it have changed, my mission has not changed a bit…. I love helping other people find their path.

If you’re ready for a change in your work or to grow your business, let me help. Contact me to set up a free call where we can discuss your needs and options. I want to help you.

Or if you would like, you can go straight to the FREE CALL page and schedule a time that works for you!


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