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You are in the right place if you are ready to embrace the task of designing your life and becoming a happy woman with limitless opportunities and experiences!

Become Boundless!

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In this group, you will conquer your mindset and reboot it!

Here you will DISCOVER your heart’s DESIRE and find out what your dream life actually looks like. You will DETERMINE what is keeping you from having the life you want and overcome those challenges. You will DREAM BIG without paralyzing fear and put realistic routines into effect to help you become boundless.

We will do this tighter with a planned DESIGN, a straight-up roadmap to your fulfilling life… and then put this into action by DO-ing it in a safe community where you are surrounded with love.


Here is what is going on!

  • Cool Connection with like-minded women doing this with you via Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube.

  • Monthly Live Facebook Q&A interactive sessions with engaged members who are becoming boundless together.

  • At least One NEW topic per month with Special Guest lined up to help you with your dreams, limiting beliefs, health, soul-searching, and more!

  • Closed Membership Facebook Group community. Oh wait, I said that already because it’s the highlight!

    • Did I tell you – you get to connect with like-minded women and ME!

  • Access to Shannon Rizzo’s Private Team of BAD A$$ BOSS Crew who can help you Level Up your Life and Business Plans!

  • You’ll see the magic behind how she does it all!

  • *BONUS: Level Out Community Monthly Access to One on One-time vis Zoom with Shannon and Other Boundless Bosses.


All of this right now is only $97 a month, cancel anytime, and change the outcome of the life path you are on every day!
Get to where you want to go and do it with style and support!

See you on the other side! There are already quite a few people here to welcome you!

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