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The time is now for you to make your


If a lack of Strategy, Fundraising, Board Building, and a Lack of Staff are holding you back, this Live Event is for you. This is also for you if you are unsure what is holding you back.

NGO Fast Track to Impact

(For Charity, Foundation, and Non-profit Leaders)

Join Us For This Live Event

Tuesday, April 11th - Wednesday, April 19th 

12:00 Noon - 1:00 pm EST Daily

(Can only make certain days?  Come join when you can. You will get the most value from attending all sessions as we are building on top of the plan each day.)

Must be Registered to Attend.


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This FREE FOUNDER Workshop is for you if:

  • You want to put the FUN back into Fundraising

  •  You Need a "No Social Media" Media Strategy

  • You are ready to evolve your mindset and delegate to elevate

  • You know what needs to be done but struggle to get the foundation structure settled

  • You're in your zone of genius but know you're not reaching your highest potential

  • You are BURNT out and can see the solution to the problem, but don't have the support to make it happen

  • You don't want to leave this world without creating a sustainable and positive impact for others.


You are in the right place and we are so happy you found us!

  • To stop feeling like having a foundation is a trade-off to your happiness. Live and be PRESENT in life. 

  • You will learn how to create a legacy of service and teach others how to replicate your spirit with action.

  • Ideas on how to build your board to make progress and implement strategies that have helped other Foundation leaders. 

  • Guest Visits from other Fierce Founders who have learned to delegate, elevate, evolve their organization into a scalable, sustainable legacy of 6 and 7 figures. 

What you can expect: 

 If Strategy, Fundraising, Marketing, Lack of Staff, and Board Building are what's holding you back, this Live Event is for you. If you are not sure what is holding you back, this is for you.

Learn from an industry expert

Join Shannon as she breaks down what it takes to scale the impact of your organization beyond your current 5-6 figure budget and see success. 

Shannon is:

  • A Creator and advisor to several impact leaders both domestically and globally 

  • A featured expert on Blue Ocean Strategies 

  • Founder of the Boundless Foundation and a Co-Founder of the Sāno Foundation 

  • President of Shannon Rizzo Companies, CEO of Magnetic Moment Agency and Boundless Planet

Past Experience:

  • Board Member of the Red Cross,

  • Council of Supply Chain Management,

  • Founding Board Member of The Alejandro Method 

  • Analyst for the State of Tennessee Economic Council on Women

  • And 25 + years of International Entrepreneurship, building global strategic relationships, collaborative networks and boards.  

It is your duty to use your gifts to create a sustainable and positive impact for others.

Sign Up for the Event:

Congratulations, You're In!

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