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Shannon Rizzo Studio PROOF Retouched -2.
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Hey Girl!

Get Ready to Set Your Heart On Fire!

It’s time to have some fun!

You could use some fun in your life - right?

When you think about a song that describes you when you walk into a room- what song would it be right now?


Now... think about this.. what song should it be?

If you thought of your favorite celebrity mentor - what would her/his song be? Now, what’s yours!?

Shannon Rizzo Studio PROOF UNRetouched -
Image by Andrijana Bozic

 Where are You in your journey?

Here's How I Can Help

If you are serious about your designing your life and need a strategy to live a life you love... even in the state of the world we are in now... 


My Five-Step Heart on Fire Process will help you find you’re the desires of heart and purpose, come to grips with them, declare your dreams, and make a plan to go after them all with the support of a nurturing community of women just like you that are doing the same thing! How awesome would that be?


Redirect & Get Ready!

It’s time to get your goals into your roadmap and commit to a successful year!

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Become Boundless 

Mini-Boss Bootcamp

Let's Work Together!

 My Five-Step Heart on Fire Process © will help you find the desires of your heart and discover your true purpose. 

One on One Consulting and Coaching Customized Consultation to help you meet your goals

Got a mind-blowing idea?

Sign up for this 21-Day Bootcamp

 and find out if your idea is viable.

Confirm your Idea and get approved through intense research driven guidance with video & workbooks.

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Level Up Academy

Earn your Boundless Boss Badge!

Take advantage of weekly

group coaching calls

and Level Up your business in this

90-Day accelerator program.

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  Not sure where to start?

  Jump into the MiniBoss Bootcamp

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3 Week Course –

 Find out if Your Idea is Viable? 

Create a startup business plan (guideline) with a viable service-based business idea.

 Check out the Success -  Level Up Academy Alumni 

Class of July 2020

Allison Teague
Entrepreneur - Health Coach
Sheyla Paz
Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, 
& Travel Advisor
Amber Larkins
Professional Photographer
Shannon Rizzo Studio PROOF UNRetouched -
SR3 logo.png
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